Improved access to information for blind and low vision pedestrians

Current Implementation

There is no speech announcement of what intersection a person is at.

Our Implementation

  • Announcement of what street is to be crossed
  • Long press for more information related to characteristics of crossing

Our Implementation

Our prototype used a Glowforge laser cutter to engrave the sign and cut the acrylic, and a Raspberry Pi computer. Our enclosure is acrylic, the sign is black anodized aluminum. Our COGs total $66:

  • Raspberry Pi 2: $40
  • 1Gb MicroSD card: $5
  • Acrylic: $4
  • Anodized aluminum: $6
  • USB speakers: $11

A 4-way intersection needs 8 sign boxes, so the COGs per intersection would be about $528.

Reduction in pedestrian injuries from pedestrian/vehicle and pedestrian/cyclist crashes

Current Implementation

  • No announcement of medians

Our Implementation

  • At a reduced cost $591,000 will allow 1120 intersections to receive APS systems compared to the current number of 75 intersections for that price. (7,8880 * 75 intersections)

Demonstration of Concept

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