7th Ave and W. 23rd St - Intersection Details

Note that the intersection of 7th and 23rd has several significant challenges to blind and low-vision people.

  • From the South-East corner, crossing 7th Ave requires crossing to a median divider. This is where the APS is located, not the street corner.
  • At this same location, there was a de-facto bike-line. Crossing this would be a significant safety consideration. However, the bike line was NOT reported in city open data (centerline data set) because it was still under construction - in fact, we observed the green paint going down a bit further up 7th ave.
  • 23rd Ave has two bus lanes; but we could not find an open data source that reported these busses. Busses can often get blocked in traffic, and fully block the intersection to prevent a safe crossing.

2 - (W) Moving North East to North West

4 - (N) Moving South East to North East

6 - (E) Moving South West to South East

8 - (S) Moving North West to South West